Secondary Double Glazing

A secondary glazing system consists of a fully independent internal window fitted onto the inside of an existing window.

Strong, reliable and long lasting. Our secondary double glazing is perfect for homes that are listed or under restrictions preventing traditional double glazing.

The installation of secondary glazing retains the integrity of the existing window while adding the benifits of UPVC windows. 

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Noise Reduction

Professionally fitted secondary glazing provides outstanding noise reduction.

Thanks to its unique soundproofing capabilities, it has been proven to reduce the noise levels by over 50 dB, enough to bring peace to homes near railway tracks or busy roads. 

From noisy roads to loud kids, secondary double glazing can be a simple but effective solution. 

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Heat Retention

Eliminate draughts and reduce heat loss by up to 65%.

By creating a secondary barrier to the elements, secondary glazing can be the perfect way to reduce wasted heat. 

The resulting installations can exceed building regulations requirements resulting in significant year on year savings as well as increasing the value of the property.

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Traditional Range

With its slim aluminium profile, our Traditional range offers minimal sight lines and easy access to the primary window, making it a popular choice with homeowners.

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Heritage Range

Our Heritage windows utilise a slightly thicker aluminium profile to support large-scale commercial installation, as well as smaller domestic applications.

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